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5 Easy Ways To Make Car Insurance Companies Ask You To Pay Less Money

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Updated on August 24, 2019

Make Money Today

  • Paidviewpoint: Earn a good side income answering surveys that are never more than 6 minutes long and ALWAYS pay you.
  • TMG Panel: earn quick money from some of the shortest surveys with some of the highest payouts in the industry. Earn well enough to cash out twice a week from 30 minutes work per day from a new survey site that pays better than most of the old ones.
  • Swagbucks: do short tasks that pay big money. Earn money watching movie previews, taking surveys and shopping. $0.5 billion already paid out to members. Get a $5 instant sign up bonus today.

You can save a lot of money by making small changes to your life…by investing an hour here, adopting a different shopping approach there, signing up for this or that service, installing an app…you can save $2,500 a year while sleeping by installing 1 app and doing nothing else.

In fact, in many cases, you don’t need to make the change yourself…you can outsource the change…have other people make the change for you to save a lot of money.

Saving money is not hard. You only think it is.

Use the tips below to save a lot of money this year…

Make sure to read till the end to see lots of ways you can get other people and resources to help shoulder your money boosting efforts.

1. Earn $100-$300 A Month Answering Surveys For 1 Hour A Day.

Surveys aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but why not earn some extra money if you’re going to sit on the couch and watch TV?

You can earn money while watching your favorite TV show or while standing in a long queue or while on a long commute.

You can turn idle time into money.

And if you join the best-paying sites you can earn $100s a year answering surveys for just one hour a day while having fun.

Here are some of the best-paid survey sites around right now:


Prizerebel offers you many tasks to earn money but particularly short surveys that pay well.

You earn $2, $3, $4, $5 for a 10-30 minutes survey and you get many surveys every day giving you an opportunity to earn a great income.

Loging in and answering surveys at prizerebel every day easily earns you $25 a week because the surveys pay some of the best rates for your time among survey sites.

Prizerebel is one of the best paying survey sites and I highly recommend signing up with them if you are looking for an easy way to earn good extra money every month.

You could earn enough money to afford groceries every month if you spend time filling out surveys daily at prizerebel.

One opinion

One opinion offers you surveys that pay $1-$5 for 6-15 minutes work and you get many of those surveys every day ensuring that you earn a good income.

You easily earn a few dollars every day at one opinion.

Logging in and answering surveys every day at one opinion earns you roughly $25 every 7-12 days depending on how many surveys you choose to complete.

Most members earn $50-$100 per month at the site for completing surveys.

One opinion has a low disqualify rate but even when you get disqualified you still earn points…250 points for every 5 disqualifications.

You should have one opinion as one of your sites if you want to earn money answering surveys.

Quick rewards

Quick rewards gives you a good number of great paying surveys every day.

Most of their surveys pay more than $1

Answering only the highest paying surveys every day at the site earns you roughly $60 a month.

You could earn more than twice that if you spend more time.

Quick rewards has no minimum limit for cashing out, so you can cash out every day if you want and your money gets sent to your paypal the same day.

It is easy to earn a few dollars every day at Quick rewards if you put in the work.

The site does not look pretty but it’s really good.


At tellwut you never lack for surveys to earn money with because most of the surveys are created by members. ..so there are always many of them.

Most of the surveys are short…less than 30 seconds long, many are just 1 question long ( you read that right). The average survey pays 5-15 points but because they are so short and so many and so fun ( because they are created by members ), you can fill out a ton of them in just 1 hour guaranteeing you a great income every month.

1 hour spent filling out surveys at TellWut earns you roughly 2,000-3,000 points ( the equivalent of $5-$8 )

Survey junkie

Survey junkie is a premium survey site that offers great paying surveys consistently. By sticking with the higher paying surveys you could earn up to $18 an hour.


MyPoints allows you to earn gift cards through polls, surveys, and other online activities. It’s the ideal way to make a little extra money during a long commute or a line at the store that just won’t shrink. You’ll even get a $5 bonus just for completing the first five surveys.

Opinion Outpost

What sets Opinion Outpost apart is that they have an annual giveaway of $40,000. There is a quarterly draw with a $10,000 cash prize, and each survey that you complete gives you one entry into the grand sweepstakes.

2. Earn $50-$100 A Month Watching Fun Videos

Inbox Dollars pays you cash to watch fun videos and fill out surveys.

They also give you a $5 bonus to try out the site.

Spending 20 minutes watching videos and filling out surveys at this site daily ( something you can do while on lunch break or while watching TV  Commercials ) can earn you up to $50 per month.

The great thing about earning money at Inboxdollars is that you can spend so little time doing it that it does not interfere with your life in any major way.

InboxDollars offers a range of short and simple surveys you can do on a daily basis. Completing each survey could see you earn up to $730 extra each year.

To watch even more videos and earn more money make sure to also sign up at Swagbucks that has an even higher money earning potential because it pays better and can earn you up to $200 a month for watching videos.

2. Earn Cash And Bonuses On Every Purchase You Make

There are a number of websites and apps that offer free gift cards and cash back to people who sign up and shop with or through them.

I personally love Ebates, and the Dosh app and using any or all of them means that you can earn cash back on everything you buy because they give you cash back at thousands of stores…certainly all the main stores at a rate of up to 10% cash back normally.

And frequently they also offer deals and exclusive discounts that can earn you up to 3 times the normal cash back rate at all stores…think 20% cash back at Groupon, 34% cash back at flowers, 15% cash back at Sephora, 10% at Walmart, 10% cash back at Amazon, 10% cash back at Macy’s, 7% cash back at Body Shop, 8% cash back at KOHL’S, $112 cash back at AT&T etc.

Ebates often offers triple cash back deals towards the end of every year and double cash back deals at the beginning of a new year ( at all 2,000 affiliated stores ) including crazy deals for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and festive periods: Christmas, Easter, valentine’s day etc and crazy daily discounts of up to 50% at select stores. You can plan your bulk and important, high dollar value purchases to coincide with these periods to earn a lot of cash back.

Ebates is a must have app for any serious money saver.

Ebates also currently offers a $10 gift cards to new members who sign up and earn cash-back. The gift cards can be used at Target, Macy’s, Kohl’s, or Walmart. You have to wait 30 days for the gift card to process, but it’s not like you can complain about having to wait for free money.

The Dosh app offers a $5 sign up bonus and has the added advantage of letting you shop as per normal without you needing to go through the app or activate offers and coupons or scan receipts to earn cash back.  The cash back you earn with the Dosh app is automatic. Many times you are not even aware of it. You just link your credit cards, shop and see cash pile up

Even if you are lazy with these apps you should earn at least $250-$500 a year in cash back using them.

Money that you won’t otherwise have.

3. Turn every receipt into money.

Take a picture of every receipt with cash back apps like Ibotta, fetch rewards, Shopkick and the Neilsen Consumer Panel to earn cash back on literally everything you buy.

Ibotta will pay you up to $5 to scan your receipts.

Don’t forget to stack your cash back with ibotta, fetch rewards and the Neilsen Consumer Panel…meaning… scan every receipt on both Ibotta, fetch rewards and the Neilsen Consumer Panel to earn literally triple the cash back. Neilsen rewards you with actual products.

Also use a good cash back credit card like the discover it cash back credit card or the American express preferred card when you shop to further increase your earnings.

Ibotta will add the cash back from a credit card to the cash back it offers you directly to help you earn even more.

But make sure you have all the best cash back receipt scanning apps so that if a receipt does not work with one you can simply scan it on another to earn.

Scanning your receipts this way with these apps will earn you good extra money every month.

The average amount of cash back you earn for scanning your receipts faithfully with these apps is $250-$400 Per app per year.

Which is not bad given that it is money you won’t otherwise have.

4. Turn shopping into a steady stream of passive income

You can turn shopping into a lucrative, automatic money earning experience.

Simply download and install two apps…Dosh and Drop and then set up your credit and/or debit cards in each of them.

Dosh and Drop will pay you $10 each instantly for setting up your credit cards.

With these apps you don’t need to do anything else apart of setting up your credit cards and shopping to earn money.

After setting them up you just shop as usual, and every time you shop at an affiliated store or outlet you earn money automatically even if you are not aware that shopping at the store will earn you money.

In essence you earn cash back without even looking for it.

You don’t need to access a store through the apps as is the case with most cash back apps, you don’t search for and activate offers, you don’t look for coupons or scan receipts or bar codes.

You just shop and earn without even being aware that you are earning.

And this happens constantly throughout the days and weeks that you use these apps.

For example you can buy groceries at Safeway,Trader Joe, Walmart, Costco,  Whole foods….and earn cash back, then have the groceries delivered through instacart and earn cash back, then buy clothes at GAP, H&M, Addidas, Zara, Aerie….and earn cash back, then take an UBer to work and earn cash back, buy make up at sephora and earn cash back, buy a mattress at casper mattress and earn cash back, buy pretty much any household item at Jet and earn cash back, fill up on gas at the gas station and earn cash back, buy flowers for your valentine’s day celebrations and earn cash back, take a vacation and earn $100s in cash back from your hotel bill…it goes on and on…you earn cash back automatically almost every time you shop without any extra effort to the tune of $100s per year.

5. Get A More Generous Rewards Card To Earn At Least An Extra $180 Per Year

At least one in every five cardholders is carrying a credit card where the rewards and fees don’t match up to their spending habits, according to a study by J.D. Power in 2016. If you were able to increase your rewards rate by an extra percentage on just $1,000 spend a month, you could be earning an extra $180 in your pocket each year.

Earn 10% Cash Back With America’s Best Cash Back Credit Card 

The discover it cash back credit card essentially gives you 10% cash back in your first year of owning the card.

It gives a 5% cash back on rotating categories…gas, groceries, restaurants and Amazon and then matches the amount of cash back you earn in your first year with an equal amount for free.

Essentially doubling your cash back and giving you the most generous cash back of any card.

Discover it cash back is the best credit card for shopping for this reason.

If you are able to earn $350 in cash back with the card in your first year, it will top that with another $350 to make it $700.

After the first year, it goes back to 5% cash back on those expenses which is still generous. The cash back match feature is for the first year alone.

6. Earn money like a bandit By Combining the best cash back credit cards And The Best Cash Back Apps When You Shop

To earn a lot of cash back combine the best cash back credit cards with the best cash back apps.

First of all get the discover it cash back credit card to earn 10% cash back in your first year and then 5% cash back for every year thereafter.

Discover it cash back credit card offers you 5% cash back on everyday purchases: grocery, gas, restaurants, Amazon etc on a rotating quarterly basis for up to $1,500 when you activate and then matches whatever cash back you are able to earn in your first year with an equal amount for free.

If for example, you were able to earn $300 in cash back in your first year of using the card, discover gives you an added $300 for free to make it $600.

Another great card you can get is the American express cash rewards credit card that offers a generous intro bonus of $200 if you are able to spend $500 in your first 3 months of getting the card…essentially a 40% cash back plus 3% cash back on gas and 2% cash back on groceries.

The chase freedom unlimited card also offers you $200 if you spend $500 in the first three months.

Using these credit cards can earn you a good amount of money by themselves…especially the Discover it cash back credit card which is a great card to shop with.

But to earn even more money combine any of them with a good cash back app like Ebates, or  Dosh

The cash back you get from shopping through the cash back app will be added to the cash back from the credit card to increase the total sum you earn.

Say for example you buy an item on Amazon that fetches a 3% cash back on ebates ( ebates on average gets you 3% cash back at Amazon ), that 3% will be added to the 5% that say the Discover it cash back credit card gives you at Amazon to increase your total cash back earned to 8%.

And if you are using the discover it cash back card in your first year the 5% you earned at Amazon will be matched with another 5% at the end of the year.

Using cash back credit cards and apps in this way can earn you a lot of money every year.

7. Easily Keep all the money that you waste every month

The app clarity money helps you keep more of the money you already make so you don’t get too financially stretched in the first place.

It helps you get more out of every dollar you earn.

It analyses your finances and shows you the exact areas where you are wasting money so you can easily cut back and save a buck.

Clarity Money assesses your spending history and shows you exactly how much you spend in different categories, like night clubs, movies, restaurants, etc, as a percentage of your total expenses-all in clear graphics.

You see in graphic terms where your money is going…where you are wasting money.

It then gives you easy-to-use tools to help you make better financial decisions right within the app and save a lot of money.

Clarity money clarifies for you how lousy you are with specific areas of your finances so you are forced to do better.

And what’s more it’s entirely free to use…always. If you are serious about your money you should get this app…if not for anything else to see how well you manage your money.

Most users adopt better spending habits and go on to save thousands after “diagnosing “ their money habits this way.

8. Save enough money for your emergency fund or vacation while you sleep

The Digit app will save you money for anything without you lifting a finger.

It saves a precious amount of your earnings before you get the chance to waste it.

It cuts money that you would otherwise have spent on unimportant things and saves it for things that truly matter in your life….like your rent, tuition, vacation, emergency fund…etc

And It does it in a way that you barely notice…

After installing the and setting up your account it’s algorithm studies your spending and earning habit daily in real time to decide how much money you can afford to save painlessly every day.

It then deducts that amount and saves it for you in your digit savings account without you even being aware at all that it is working.

You’ll get surprised every time you check your digit account because you will feel like cash just magically rains into it from thin air.

That’s how painless it is.

You don’t miss the money that it saves because it is money that you can afford to save.

The savings just pile up.

The average Digit user saves $2,000 a year without effort…enough for a vacation, an emergency fund or some new glittery Smartphones if that’s your thing.

9. Automatically Cancel Unwanted Subscriptions, Negotiate Bills And Find Better Insurance

It’s easy to sign up for services only to never really use them and to then completely lose track of them.

It can be costly too and waste you a lot of money.

The app Trim solves that problem for you.

When you install it and set up your bank account and phone number it analyses your payment for recurring payments following which it sends you an alert so you can terminate the ones you don’t need.

How much can this save you if it helps you stop just one subscription service you don’t need?…hundreds of dollars a year?

But Trim doesn’t stop there.

It will also help you negotiate how much you pay Comcast for cable as well as search for better deals on your insurance and also automate your savings much like the digit app does.

The average Trim User saves $150-$200 per month

10. Get A Refund When There Is A Price Drop On Anything You Buy

Get the paribus app to get a refund every time there is a decrease in the price of something you bought online.

If you bought an item online and the seller later lowers the price, paribus monitors that and gets in touch with the seller on your behalf to try and get a refund of the difference.

It helps you get cash back every time a seller lowers the price of something you already bought from them.

It’s an easy way to get back money you otherwise lost.

11. Earn Money from your digital spare change while you sleep

If you’re looking for a way to get your money to start taking care of itself, then consider getting an account with Acorns. Acorns allows you to start out small and stack up change through their “round-up” feature. This means that if you were to spend $9.03 at the grocery store, it would be rounded up to $10 and 97 cents would be put into your account.

The app takes care of investing for you too. Basically, you won’t miss that digital pocket change, and those savings can quickly add up. The sooner you get started, the more you stand to make. Acorn lends credence to the idea that if you take care of the pennies, the pounds take care of themselves (or dollars, in this case).

Acorns allows you to choose how much you invest through the roundup feature. If you feel comfortable investing more, then go ahead and watch your investment account go up even faster.

The roundup feature saves the average Acorn user about $400 a year

Save $1,ooo A Year On Insurance With No Effort On Your Part

Consult an independent insurance agent to help you get a better deal on your current coverage and save money.

Independent insurance agents don’t work for insurance companies but use their expertise and knowledge of the industry to help you find better deals and discounts on your coverage that you are not equipped to get by yourself.

They do all the work to help you save money on insurance while getting you great coverage.

All you do is accept the deal they find.

Estimates show that getting insurance with the help of independent insurance agents saves you up to $1,000 a year on whatever coverage you have with no effort on your part and at no extra cost.

12. Save $720 A Year on Your car insurance with no effort on your part

Sign up with the Gabi insurance shopping service to save $720 a year on your car insurance.

Gabi is shops every minute of every day automatically for discounts and deals on your insurance coverage and brings them to you as soon as it finds them.

It compares plans from the biggest insurance providers to bring you a better deal on your coverage.

It has a high success rate because most people have high insurance premiums and don’t try to get a better deal on their coverage once they have it while the insurance companies feel they can charge more and more every year because they believe that you think it’s too much hassle or don’t have the time to look for a better deal.

Gabi makes all that irrelevant.

And it searches for deals constantly…non-stop. It keeps hunting until it finds one. If you will like to save money on your car insurance but don’t have the time to shop, hand that problem over to Gabi. It will solve it for you. It will make your coverage cheaper while you sleep

Many Gabi users land a better deal on their car insurance within 2 minutes of starting to use the service because of Gabi’s thoroughness.

And you don’t fill any forms or pay any fees, you just save money.

The average Gabi user is estimated to save $720 using the service. Gabi currently has millions of users

13. Raise Your Credit Score For Free To Save up to $20,000 A Year

According to financial estimates, a poor credit score will cost you anywhere from $4,000 to $20,000 per year in the extra money you pay to get financial services. ( Your credit card, auto loan, student loan all cost roughly $1,000 more per year each if your credit score is 620, and your mortgage as much as $2,500 per year…and a lot more if your credit score is lower than 620. Even your rent and car insurance increase with a poor credit score)

Quickly get rid of that extra expense by raising your credit score in a matter of months with a free service like Credit Sesame.

Credit Sesame will look at your finances and give you your credit report and score detailing why your credit score is low including actions to take to quickly raise it.

Credit Sesame users on average raise their credit score by 100-300 points in the space of six months… enough to give you a great to excellent credit score in no time and save you a lot of money.

14. Consolidate Your Debts and Lower Your Bills To Save $1,000s A Year

To start working on your debt, first of all, consider getting your credit score and a credit report from Credit Sesame for free to get a sense of the state of your finances and how to start making improvements.

It’ll give you a better look at how your credit is faring right now. Credit Sesame breaks down what is on your credit report into simple terms, including how it all affects your credit score and how to address the problem.

After learning more about your credit history, Credit Sesame will share personalized recommendations and resources to help you fix it. Having a better credit score can lead to better interest rates.

As far as debt is concerned, lots of people are getting crushed by credit interest rates of up to 20%. Consolidating your debts and refinancing is something to consider if you are one of those people because it will significantly reduce the interest you pay and the size of your debt helping you save money and making it easier for you to get out of debt.

Upstart is a great online lending platform for this purpose, as they can help you to find and secure a loan without the need for your credit score.

Unlike more traditional underwriting methods that rely on using the FICO scoring model, Upstart considers factors such as employment and education history to determine how creditworthy you really are.

Upstart can potentially help you borrow up to $50k on better terms – such as lower monthly payments and interest rates – than a traditional lender. If you are having trouble staying on top of your bills and credit lines, an Upstart loan can help convert everything into a single loan.

15. Transfer Your Credit Card Debt To Save $1,000s

If you have $2,000-$10,000 in credit card debt at an interest rate of say 18% you are paying $400-$2,000 in interest every year.

Quickly eliminate that expense by transferring your balance to a balance transfer credit card like the Discover it balance transfer card that allows you carry a balance interest free for 18 months including for new purchases while giving you 5% cash back on everyday purchases; groceries, gas, restaurants, Amazon which it then matches with an equal amount of cash back for the first year.

This is an easy way to save $400-$2,000 and make it easy to pay off your credit card debt because your debt gets smaller, while at the same time earning cash back when you shop.

16. Cut Your Phone bill In Half And Save $100s A Year Without Sacrificing Coverage

If you are not bound by any payment plans you should look beyond the big four mobile service providers ( AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T mobile ) to save money.

For example, the mobile service provider Crickets offers unlimited plans starting at $50 after an autopay discount.

An amount that also includes taxes and fees so that you are not saddled with any extra costs or payments.

You are usually also able to keep your old number too.

Signing up with a Crickets unlimited plan can save you more than $200 a year compared to an unlimited plan from AT&T that costs at least $70 per month with autopay and paperless billing.

To save even more money consider switching to a budget mobile service provider after all you likely don’t need unlimited bandwidth because most Americans don’t use more than 6GB of data in a month.

You are likely wasting money with an unlimited plan because you are likely paying for data you don’t use.

With a budget mobile carrier, you only pay for what you use…and without tax or extra fees saving you $100s a year.

For example, a carrier like h2o — which runs off AT&T’s network — will charge you only $40 a month for a plan with 8GB of high-speed data. An option that will save you roughly $360 every year.

You save a similar amount with mobile services like Republic Wireless, Metro PCS, Vision or Ting to significantly lower your phone bill.

Or you can choose Unreal Mobile that runs off the Sprint network (with an AT&T network option in the works) that has an unlimited plan that starts at just $10 a month, although high-speed data is capped at 1 GB, and after that speeds are much slower. At that price, you save over $700 per year once you factor in taxes and fees.

Budget mobile carriers offer reasonably good quality service that is adequate for the majority of people although their speeds tend to slow down when the larger networks they run with are in peak use.

If you are reluctant to use a budget carrier because you need exceptionally high-quality coverage, a good alternative is to switch to an unlimited prepaid plan with your favorite big four provider to pay less and eliminate extra fees and taxes.

The fact that you at least avoid extra costs with these plans guarantees that you save money.

AT&T has a prepaid unlimited plan starting at $55 per month for one line and Sprint has a $60 prepaid unlimited plan. Meanwhile, T-Mobile and Verizon offer prepaid unlimited plans for $75 a month — which means you could save up to $14 a month compared to their similarly priced postpaid unlimited plans.

17. Save 30%-50% on groceries by buying groceries from your bedroom

To save a lot of money on groceries this year buy at least some of your groceries at brandless.

Brandless is an online grocery store that sells high-quality generic grocery items for a maximum of $3 each.

The items sold at brandless are of high quality because they are sourced from some of the best manufacturers in the USA, Canada, Italy etc,  and they sell for dirt cheap…at a fraction of the price of the name brand versions. Generic grocery items generally sell for 30%-50% less than their name brand counterparts.

Brandless ships for free when you spend $39 and above

Below is a sneak peek at some of the mouth-watering deals you will find at brandless …

1 10 fl oz Organic virgin coconut oil for $3 ( $9 at Amazon for the same volume and quality ) ( A MUST TRY )

2 8 fl oz Organic Extra virgin olive oil from Italy for $3 ( $7-$10 at Amazon for the same volume and quality ) 

3 6.7 fl oz Grade A Organic Maple syrup for $3

4 Organic fair trade dark roasted coffee pods for $3

18. Pay Almost nothing for some grocery items you buy every week

Get the Krazy coupon lady app to easily find and stack up store and sales coupons of grocery items you commonly use.

This app finds and shares up to 60 of such deals with it’s users every day making it easy for you to score huge discounts and save a lot of money on every day grocery items by stocking up on them when their prices are rock bottom low.

The app also gives stock up recommendations where it sends you alerts to buy certain grocery items in large quantities because their prices are at their lowest…at their most deeply discounted…and it also tells you how much of these items you should buy. For example it might tell you to buy 3 month’s worth of a grocery item because it knows that it will take at least another 3 months for the price of that item to get that low again and as a result set up a chain of continuous drastic savings on some grocery items you commonly use perpetually.

After discovering and buying these deeply discounted grocery items with the help of the Krazy Coupon Lady App, also take pictures of the receipts with the ibotta app to get an additional 10%-20% cash back and in many cases reduce the price of the item to almost zero.

Further scan the receipts with the fetch rewards app and the Nielsen consumer panel to earn even more rewards.

Buying groceries regularly using these apps could mean that you end up paying nothing or next to nothing regularly for many grocery items you use every month.

19. Refinance your home to save $1,000s A Year

If you have not refinanced your home recently you are likely spending more than you should on your mortgage.

Save thousands of dollars by refinancing your home at a lower interest rate.

If you have say a 200k mortgage, lowering your rate by just 1% would save you more than $100 per month, that’s more than $1,000 a year or more than 40,000 over the course of the loan.

20. Earn 83 times More interest On Your savings

Save your money in a micro-investment account that also acts as a savings account to earn outlandish returns.

An investment service called worthy will invest your money in bonds to earn you a stable 5% return and still let you withdraw and deposit funds any time you like without fees or penalties…just like a savings account.

This gives you the flexibility of a savings account and the returns of an investment.

The average savings account pays you a measly 0.06%…not enough to fight inflation and the stock market can be frightening at times.

This is a great way to save money and earn a great return without staying awake at night.

21. Earn 50 times more interest on your savings

The era of earning peanuts on your savings and allowing inflation to kill your money is over.

Get on the “ earn high returns on your savings “ train today.

Get varo money an app that uses modern technology to help it’s users become financially healthy.

Link your bank account to the varo savings account to earn 2.80% annual return on your savings. That’s 47 times the 0.06% interest that the average savings account will pay you.

And for as long as you use any of the 55,000 Varo ATMs across the world you don’t pay any fees.

You also pay no monthly service fees, no minimum balance fees, no foreign transaction fees and no cash replacement fees.

You only pay fees charged by out-of-network ATMs and cash deposit fees if you deposit cash in-store through Green Dot.

22. Save $500 in real estate to earn a 10% return

You can make safe investments in real estate with as little as $500 and earn a good return.

Fundrise helps the little guy earn good money from real estate by investing in a real estate investment trust.

They use your money to fund the purchase of multi-million dollar properties and then pay you quarterly dividends and other distributions when the properties are sold.

They have been paying 8%-11% returns to investors from the first quarter of 2016 so you are likely to earn well with them.

And you see the exact properties your money is invested in too so you know that your investment is real and not some virtual pie in the sky dream. It could be a house in New York, an Apartment building in New Hampshire etc.

You pay a small asset management fee ( 0.85% ) and an investment advisory fee ( 0.15 )…exactly 1% total to earn money at Fundrise. Which is really peanuts considering how much money you can make in return.

Invest more money to earn even more.

Fundrise is one of the best ways for ordinary non savvy people to earn money investing these days.

23. Make Your 401(K) More Profitable and Save $100s in fees with no effort

It’s great that you have a 401(K), but is it really working like you want it to? Most people don’t know if their 401(K) is setting them up for retirement properly or not. There’s a good chance that yours could be a lot healthier than it is right now.

Blooom is an SEC-registered investment advisory firm that can help you take your 401(K) to the next level. They monitor and optimize your 401(K) and ensure it is healthy come retirement time.

It only takes a few minutes to get your completely free 401(K) analysis. This shows you whether or not investments have been allocated properly and if your money is getting lost through hidden fees. It can even tell you how much money there could be in your account by the time you retire.

If you decide to sign up for the service, then Blooom will monitor and maximize your 401(K) for $10 a month. You can save a little extra by getting their first month for free.

Think of Blooom as being a kind of mechanic that is constantly testing and fine-tuning your car engine to get the best possible performance. The difference is that they fine-tune your 401(K) to give you the best possible future.

Bloom has also helped it’s users save almost $1B in fees so far.

24. Make An Extra $350 by Opening a New Bank Account

There are lots of banks that are willing to offer promotions and rewards to people that create new accounts. It’s all up to you if you want to open another bank account though. Some people find it helpful to have several places to put their money for a range of purposes. You’re less likely to take it out of your account that way.

You can always just open up an account, collect your bonus, and then close the account if you aren’t using it. Just be sure to read the small print and understand what you need to do to claim the bonus. To save you from having to juggle too many bank accounts, we recommend opening a new one every couple of months to collect up to $800 in bonuses each year.

Start with these offers from Chase and HSBC to earn up to $350 per account.

25. Sell Your Junk To Earn $100s

Take a look in your closet and ask yourself how much of the stuff there you even use. Letgo is a great app that lets you sell just about anything to anyone. The app lets users take photos of their items and upload them for sale in under 30 seconds. It takes all the hassle out of selling online and is totally free to use.

There are other apps that are built to sell niche products if you have them too. Decluttr is great for getting rid of your old movies and CDs. They buy your old CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, and games from you. They also buy hardware such as tablets, phones, consoles, and iPods. Enter the code FREE5 at checkout for an extra $5 on your trade-ins.

Set yourself a goal to make $100 by decluttering and selling your junk, and add the money to your bank account. Every little bit helps after all!

26. Let Someone Borrow Your Place for $50-$100 A Night

If you’ve got a spare room you should put it up on Airbnb to see if you can make some extra cash. If you prove to be a good host and have a desirable space, you could find yourself making thousands of extra dollars through Airbnb.

Here are some small steps you can take to improve the overall experience of your guests and encourage people to come back for more:

Make the space available during high-demand times for your area, such as concerts, conventions, and sporting events

Be a good and gracious host, and ensure that you have all the toiletries you would expect a hotel to have such as soap, towels, and toilet paper

Be personable and approachable. People turn to Airbnb because it offers a personal touch they wouldn’t get from a commercial hotel

Keep in mind that different cities and states have different hosting laws, so be sure to read up on the rules and regulations for where you live.

If you charge $100 a night ( which is reasonable ) you could easily earn $1,000s doing this

27. Give Someone A Lyft To Earn $18 An Hour

If you’re looking for a fun and flexible way to make some extra cash, then why not become a Lyft driver? The demand for ridesharing has increased dramatically, and there’s no evidence it’s about to stop. You’ll have to be at least 21 years old and have a year of driving experience to qualify, as well as pass a background check and be driving a car made in 2007 or later.

How much you earn with Lyft depends on the business in your area and how much you’re willing to work. Earning a few hundred dollars a week, which can become a few thousand dollars a month, is entirely possible. You earn roughly $18 per hour driving for Lyft which will fetch you up to $3,000 a month if you drive for 40 hours a week.

28. Drive In Your Spare time To Earn $100s A month

You can choose to drive full time with Uber which can earn you up to $600 a week ( That’s the average a full-time Uber driver makes ), or you can choose to drive at your convenience to earn that amount in a month.

You can also choose to drive at your convenience: when you on a long commute and pick up someone going in the same direction or when you are driving to or from work.

You can choose to drive after work or on weekends while going to a game or while sightseeing.

Uber can fit perfectly into your life as a way to earn extra money.

That’s what is great about it.

And you can earn $100s of dollars per month doing that.

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