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Whether you are a student, self-employed businessperson or full-time employee, it is very possible to make money in your spare time. Not many people know this: there are actually several smart and time-friendly ways to rake in extra bucks legally. Fortunately, this guide is dedicated to showing you just that.

1. Complete online surveys

Filling out surveys is a strong money-making trend among people with spare time on their hands. Research companies need people to fill out surveys or try out new products. They continually recruit new members for this purpose.

If you can spare a minute or two answering these questions, you can receive payments in the form of cash or rewards. Some sites even pay up to $5 dollars per survey.

Some great paid survey sites to join are : Branded Surveys, Global Test Market, Harris PollHiving, iPoll, i-SayMind Mover, MySurvey, New Vista, OnePoll, Opinion OutpostPanel Opinion, PanelBasePinecone, PopulusLive, Prolific Academic, SurveyBods, The Opinion Panel, Toluna, Valued Opinions, YouGov.

Apart from being rewarded for participating in surveys, you can get paid for playing games and watching videos on Swagbucks.

2. Watch Movie Previews

InboxDollars will pay you cash to watch movie previews, the latest news, celebrity videos, and other videos.

And you get an instant $5 when you sign up.

You simply watch videos in a particular playlist to get paid.

You are shown the time duration of each playlist before you start which usually spans a couple of minutes to 30 minutes so you can know how to earn the most money for your time .

Regular InboxDollars videos watchers earn over $100s a month.

To earn up to $90 a month extra for watching join Swagbucks s well.

3. Join a Market Research Panel To Earn Money And Get Free Products

Can you answer online surveys and test new products? You can make good money doing that.

Visit Pinecone Research, a major survey site for people who want to fill out surveys and give feedback on new products. The required demographies to participate are:

  • Latino, Spanish or Hispanic descent. Male, Age 18 to 24
  • US – age 18-24
  • US – Hispanics
  • US – all others
  • Canada – age 18-34
  • Canada – age 34+
  • French Canadians
  • United Kingdom – age 18-34
  • Germany
  • France

There are several kinds of surveys on Pinecone—and with each survey you take, you are paid $3 through PayPal…every time.

With Pinecone, you can cash out at anytime: there is no minimum amount you must earn to cash out.

4. ‘Join Get Paid To’ websites

Just like earning cash from online surveys, “Get Paid To” websites, also known as GPT websites, pay you in cash and vouchers when you complete a few activities or offers online. You can earn hundreds of dollars completing these activities and doing these offers.The most well-known GPT sites are Prizerebel and Quickrewards where you can earn $10 in your paypal the same day you sign up and every day after as well as InboxPounds, Swagbucks and Toluna.

5. Take Pictures of Your Receipts

With the Ibotta app, you take pictures of your receipts to earn money.

It is simple: before you visit the store, open Ibotta and look for items on your shopping list on it. Upon getting home, take a picture of those receipts and scan the barcodes of the items you bought. Immediately, you will get cash back.

When you sign up and upload your first receipt on Ibotta, you are gifted a $10 bonus.

On any item, you get 25 cents to $5 back which usually amounts to 10%-20% cash back

Most of the items you can buy are not linked to any brand. So even when you buy staples…vegetables, fruits, you will still get cash back.

The average cashback earned per week per consistent ibotta user is $5-$10 per week…or up to $500 a year.

With Ibotta you can earn cash back every time you buy groceries because the app works with all of the major grocery stores in the US…Publix, Kroger, ALDI, Wegmans, Costco, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Food Lion, Food Giant, Meijer’s, Safeway, Target, The food Emporium, Sam’s Club, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods Market, Win-Dixie, Shop Rite, Giant Food Stores, Stop and Shop, Hy-Vee, Harris Teeter, Winco Foods, Fry’s, H-E-B,

To double the amount you earn also scan your receipts with another cash back app called fetch rewards.

You will earn points that you can then redeem for gift cards.

Do this for every receipt you get to earn a lot.

Escalate your earnings further by joining the consumer goods research panel Neilsen Consumer Panel to scan the UPC codes of every product you buy to receive points that you then redeem for household items, free electronics, jewelry, toys etc, and the opportunity to participate in sweepstakes and get prizes including brand new cars and vacations.

6. Get cashback when shopping

When you buy everyday items through cashback sites, like Ebates, Swagbucks, and Top Cashback, you get rewarded with a commission of 0.5% to 10% of the price of the item. You are also usually given a $5-$10 sign up bonus.

Getting cash back this way on almost every item you buy can lead to a lot of savings down the line.

7. Download This App For A Week To Earn A $25 Gift Card Or A Samsung TV

Download the app MobileXpression and install it on your phone for 7 days.

You will qualify for a rewards game to win a prize….a game where you always win a prize…

As little as a $25 gift card or as large as a Samsung Tv or an ipad.

The app anonymously collects data to help companies better understand mobile and web usage- You simply get rewarded for helping with this research.

This information helps companies and their clients create better products better marketing plans. They merely reward you for helping them achieve that goal.

8. Install SavvyConnect To Earn Up To $180 A Year For Free

This is another company that will pay you to download their app.

You get paid $5 per month per device ( Smartphone, Tablet, ect ) so that if you have multiple devices you can really earn a nice passive income with this.

In return for paying you they collect information about how you use the web.

9. Automatically Earn Money when there is a drop in the price of any item you bought.

You may be losing money if you delete your emails!

An app called Paribus. when installed scans your email for the receipts of all the items you have bought, it then tracks the price of these items and helps you get a refund when there is a drop in the price of any of them or if you receive a late delivery of a guaranteed shipment…say for example you are an Amazon Prime member and your shipment didn’t arrive on time, this tool will help you get compensation.

10. Get a Free App to Negotiate Your Bills, Cancel unwanted Subscriptions And Save $100s A Year

Negotiate your bills automatically and easily.

Don’t go the usually unsuccessful route of begging over the phone.

Let the app TrueBill do the talking for you.

TrueBill  does a good job of negotiating your bills, canceling unsolicited subscriptions and refunding unnecessary bank fees.

As soon as you get the app, create an account and connect it to your credit cards and/or bank account.

Then activate the feature designed for bill negotiation and internet outage protection to start reducing your bills and getting some of your money back.

Truebill does all the work for you.

You just get money back.

TrueBill is always looking for refund opportunities and would even get you refunds on internet and cable outages.

TrueBill users on an average save $12 a month on their cable bills alone.

That’s like earning $150 a year for doing nothing.

They also earn more from other savings like from Truebill making it easy to end subscriptions you no longer use.

signing up to TrueBill is free although you can choose to pay for some optional (but useful) premium services if you want.

11. Automatically Save $100s On internet and cable

The app Trim will cut your cable bill better than most humans and bots.

It will also help cut your internet bill, cell phone bill, home security bill, XM  radio bill etc by negotiating for you.

Simply Upload pdfs of your bills to Trim and let it start working for you behind the scenes.

It will simply notify you after it has done the work.

You simply enjoy the savings.

How much can Trim save you?

One user saved $385.20 on his Dish bill, $800.18 on his Comcast bill and $80.04 on his Sprint bill in one year.

Trim can save more than $1,000 a year on your bills each year.

It’s true that Trim gets to keep 33% of the money it saves you as reward for it’s efforts but that’s still 67% left for you to enjoy of money that you will otherwise not have.

To start sign up through facebook or email, then upload the pdfs of your bills to start earning.

12. Do matched betting with no risk

This is perhaps the fastest way to earn money legally. Many people make a few hundred dollars using this method—risk-free, tax-free money that is covered under the law. And the fun part is that anyone can do it.

To earn, be on the lookout for betting websites that regularly offer free bets. Then “match” those free bets at betting exchange sites like Betfair. When you match a bet, you bet both on and against a specific outcome, thus removing any risk associated with that bet. Doing this lets you maximize the winnings of the free bet, earning you up to $200. When you consider that there so many betting sites online it becomes obvious how much risk-free profit you can earn just by sitting at home.

13. Scratch Free Digital Scratch Off Cards To Win $1-$10,000

Don’t pay to scratch off tickets at the gas station no matter tempting doing so may feel.

Go to Luckstastic instead to scratch and win for free.

Every day luckstastic will send a new batch of tickets to scratch and you can win $1 to $10,000 instantly.

You can also earn tokens that you can exchange for free gift cards to retailers like mazon, Walmart, Kohl’s, Sephora etc.

You can also play games and enter contests too to win.

You will need to put up with a few annoying ads to earn but it’s worth it considering what you stand to gain and the fact that it is totally free.

14. Earn daily rewards for playing with your phone

We all use our mobile phones a lot these days.

Many times mindlessly scrolling through our news feeds on social media, watching videos or playing games.

You can earn money doing those things

A free app AppKarma, will reward you with gift cards and to watch online videos and play with games and apps.

There are many opportunities to earn with appkarma including great paying offers, quizzes, bonuses for milestones and friend referrals

Their quizzes pay better than polls at many survey sites. And the points add up quickly because you can earn rewards daily.

Karma Play lets you earn daily rewards for playing with the apps you’ve installed. Install the app, keep the app, and play with the app each day to earn daily rewards.

Instead of whiling away time on facebook and youtube, have fun on appkarma instead to earn money.

AppKarma is a fun way to earn reliable extra income.

For Android users, you get the AppKarma app straight from the Google Play Store.

For iOS users, the app is not available in the app store; however, you can access the web app by clicking on this link which opens a page in your mobile browser.

By completing the first offer you earn 100 points. Your Karma Points can then be redeemed for gift cards from retailers like Walmart, Starbucks, Target, iTunes, PayPal, Amazon, and more.

13. Invest In Real Estate Starting With $500

You need only $500 to start investing in Real estate.

Thanks to Fundrise which helps you earn money from real estate by investing in a real estate investment trust…buy multi-million dollar properties and pay you quarterly dividends and other distributions when the properties are sold.

And give you an 8%-11% return on investment which beats anything a savings account offers you.

Invest $10,000 and you are likely to get roughly $1,000 return every year.

14. Cut your car insurance bill by 75% while sleeping

Sign up with the Gabi insurance shopping service to save $720 a year on your car insurance.

Gabi is shops every minute of every day automatically for discounts and deals on your insurance coverage and brings them to you as soon as it finds them.

It compares plans from the biggest insurance providers to get a better deal on your coverage.

It has a high success rate because most people don’t try to get a better deal on their coverage once they have it while the insurance companies charge more and more every year because they believe that you think it’s too much hassle or don’t have the time to look for a better deal and because it never stops searching.

In fact, Gabi will get you a deal in as little as 2 minutes of starting to use the service

And you don’t fill any forms or pay any fees, you just save money.

The average Gabi user saves $720 a year from using the service.

Earn 83 Times More Interest On Your Savings

Earn 83 times more interest on your savings by opening a worthy account.

Worthy is a micro-investment app that also acts as a savings account because you can make deposits into it and withdrawals money from it at any time without any penalties or fees.

You can start with as little as $10 and your money gets invested in bonds that yield a steady 5% yearly return…which is 83 times the return that your bank account pays you.

You can set up a recurring investment to compound your earnings and earn even more.

Worthy’s round-up feature also invests your digital spare change.

If for example you bought an item for $6.45, Worthy will automatically save 55 cents to round up the purchase to $7.

This round up feature on average saves users of the app $100s.

Worthy may give you a $10 bonus when you invest your first $100

*Earn 100 Times The Interest Of Your Checking Account

Spread out your money a little bit to earn more and make managing it easier.

Get a better paying bank account to boost your earnings.

Open an Aspiration checking account that pays you 100 times the interest of a normal savings account, is 100% online, requires no fees and gives you free ATM so you can access your money any time you want anywhere.

Put some of your money into your regular bank account to use for daily expenses like for shopping for groceries, paying for cable, paying the rent etc, and the rest in the Aspiration account to spend on fun stuff like eating or dining out, seeing a movie, and taking a vacation.

13. Surf the web

You can earn money from whiling away time on the Internet….from surfing the web. This concept, developed by, rewards you for doing web searches on Google, Yahoo or Bing. To start, install the Qmee add-on to your web browser and you are set. Note that whenever you perform a search on any of the search engines, there may be some Qmee-sponsored result displayed along with your normal search result.

Every Qmee search you conduct is rewarded with quick cash. To collect your earnings, click on it. The interesting thing is, there is no limit to how much you can earn with a Qmee add-on. For a single search, you can earn one up to $1 and get paid through your linked-in PayPal account. There is also the option of donating earnings to charity.

Sign up is free. click here to start making money from surfing the web.

14. Rent out your Bedroom (or Backyard)

If you have a spare room in your home list it on AirBnB to earn money.

If your house is in good condition and you are a good host you can earn thousands of dollars doing this.

List your room for $40-$200 or more per night and have visitors flood in to pay you.

To be successful on Airbnb, follow these tips:

High-demand periods in your area are the best times to rent your space. For example: festivals, sporting events, conventions, concerts, etc.

Be a good host by stocking your space with hotel-found toiletries, like towels, soaps and toilet paper.

Be friendly and warm. Most people use Airbnb for the personal touch that is lacking in both hotels and motels.

Click here to become an Airbnb host.

Note that every city has its own special hosting laws. Be conversant with the laws that apply to your city.

15. Rent out your car

If your car is in good shape and you don’t use it much rent it out to earn passive income.

You can even buy a cheap durable, good looking comfortable car for the sole purpose of renting it out to earn money.

This can become a way for you to earn a steady stream of passive income.

These days it is easy to rent your car and earn.

Because apps like the getaround let you rent your car to people in your area with ease.

They make it easy to get business because they already have a lot of customers searching the app and so do much of the heavy lifting for you.

You can start your own mini car rental business this way from the comfort of your home.

The company checks the driving records of potential renters to make sure your car is safe and provides insurance for each trip and round the clock road side assistance.

To start:

Use your Facebook account to sign up.

Set your preferred availability and rates.

Get notified when your car is booked by someone.

Earn money

With getaround the renter refills the fuel used during the trip so you don’t need to worry much about maintainance and gas.

17. Rent out your car parking space

If you have an accommodation, it would likely come with a drive or garage. If you are not making use of it, rent it out to make money. The busier the area you live in, the more you can earn. Many people will go for a cheaper parking option in a heartbeat. Take your game a step further by advertising your parking space on sites like Just Park, Spot Hero and Curb Flip.

18. Sell Your Smartphone Pictures

If you own a Smartphone and love taking pictures you can make a killing doing that.

Get the app Foap and you’d be well on your way.

To start,

Download the Foap app for free and create an account.

Snap quality pictures and upload them on Foap.

When a customer pays $10 to purchase the license to your photo, you earn $5.

So if your picture gets bought 40 times, you make $5 on each sale and up to $200 in passive income.

This is just a great way to earn money.

19. Review websites for money

If you know how to browse the web or use an app, you can earn an income. Thanks to the innovation of (a platform that rewards ordinary people for reviewing any type of website), you can do this easily. After a 20-minute review, you can earn up to $10—routed to your PayPal account.

click here to sign up. Next, perform a test review and you will be emailed websites to review.

20. Sell all your old movies, DVDs, CDs and games

A fast way to earn money and declutter your space is to sell your old stuff. Thanks to technology, you can transfer all your songs, movies and video games to your external hard driver or computer before putting them on sale. Simply put: all you are trading is plastic and artwork.

Because there is a sentimental appeal for old things, you could make more than $50 for just one item. Moreover, if your collection is large, this could really add up. Don’t throw away your old “junk.” Someone might just want to buy them.

In fact, on websites like Offerup and Letgo, you can freely sell anything. If you want instant money, Decluttr pays immediately after delivery.

21. Recycle your mobile phone

Don’t throw your old mobile phones yet. Several companies will pay you to give it to them for recycling. Search your home and ask your friends and family for their old phones. Sites like Gazelle and EcoATM not only improve the environment by recycling mobile phones, they also reward you with extra money—if you meet their conditions. Use their comparison tool to see what your old device worth.

22. Sell old stuff on eBay

As you may already know, eBay is a perfect place to get rid of your old stuff. Because of the site’s online auction feature, you can sell your old TV for a reasonable amount of money. Some eBay sellers are good at monitoring trends in an attempt to predict the next big thing on the market. If you can take the risk and quickly buy those items in bulk, you could make good profit when the demand for them increases.

23. Become a ‘Clickworker’

Sites like Clickworker and Mechanical Turk are founded on the principle of “Internet crowdsourcing”—a platform where certain tasks are advertised by businesses in need of someone to complete them immediately. From your living room, you can take on a wide variety of tasks, ranging from web research to form filling or data entry. The hours and choice of work are flexible. Cash payment is made via PayPal for every completed task. It’s a great way to monetize your spare time!

24. Do Part-time jobs

If you are a student, a part-time job can go a long way in keeping you financially afloat. It also gives you valuable work experience to boost your CV as you earn a supplementary income. To find good jobs you may need to dig a little deep. Check your university careers services and local classifieds. Not every job opening is advertised. Be sure to build a connection with people working in the industry you are interested in.

You can also sign up with Career Builder—this free platform helps in matching CVs with appropriate part-time job opportunities.

25. Do Freelance work

If you are skilled in graphic design, writing or are a social media guru, doing freelance work can earn you good money. You only need the skill and spare time that many people lack and you can become a freelancer with a global reach online. To start your freelancing career, try out the well-known

26. Buy Groceries For Other People

If you love shopping for groceries you can make a lucrative career out of it.

An app like shipt lets you buy groceries for people to earn $18 an hour.

If you work for 35 hours a week that’s $600 per week for doing something you love.

27. Babysitting

Babysitters make good money. If you are good with kids, you are just in luck. Because the price varies, check your local ads to know how much you would be paid per hour. Even if you don’t have a childcare qualifications, there is no harm in trying.

On sites like Care Babysitting, you can create a profile and advertise your service for free. While some parents may not demand one, some countries must grant you a legal pass before you can babysit children.

28. Dog sitting and walking

If you are a pet person, on sites like Rover and Wag Walking you can get paid to look after other people’s canines. Dog walking and sitting is big business. Many busy professionals would pay a lot for people to sit and walk their pets. If you have spare time you can earn up to $10 an hour per dog.

29. Become a delivery driver or rider

Do you have a car, a motorbike or a bicycle? Do you own a smartphone? If yes, you can start earning extra income as a delivery driver in your spare time. Uber eats, delivery company, is always looking to recruit new riders to deliver food from restaurants to the customer’s doorstep. In just one hour, you can earn up to $16. Because the work is completely flexible, you can deliver just whenever you feel like it.

Increase your chances getting a gig by directly reaching out to bigger chains (e.g., Dominos) and local takeaways to see if they have any delivery jobs open.

30. Drive At Your Leisure

If you know your way around town and are good behind the wheel, someone is willing to pay money for your skill.

Sign up with Uber

The hours are flexible: you choose when and where you work.

To become an Uber driver, you must be 21 years or older, pass a background check, own a valid U.S. driver’s license and have a year-old driving experience (three years for people under 23).

In addition, you must own a four-door car, which must seat at least four passengers ( minus the driver). Your car must also be state-registered and state-insured.

If you don’t want to drive with Uber, you can choose to drive with Lyft and earn hundreds of dollars weekly if you go full-time.

Also with Lyft, the hours are flexible. You work when you want to. The requirements are that you must be 21 years or older, pass a background check, own a valid U.S. driver’s license and have a year-old driving experience. Plus, your car must be manufactured in 2007 or later.

Lyft may give you a $300 bonus when you sign up.

31. Mystery shopping

Being a mystery shopper is very rewarding. And it’s easy to become one. Several agencies are willing to pay cash to anyone willing to visit specific restaurants and shops and bring feedback on the performance of these businesses. To learn more about the best agencies for mystery shoppers, visit the MSPA website. To double up on your efforts, there are several tasking apps (that ask you to snoop around local businesses) that will pay you for mystery shopping.

32. Teach and earn

If you have knowledge and people skills, you can earn big by becoming a tutor to students. Thanks to the Internet, you are not restricted by face-to-face classes, you can go online and cover a global audience of students.

On Udemy, you can create an online course for any topic or subject. And whenever users pay for it, you earn passive income. To tutor directly with your students, list your service on Teachable, and Superprof. You don’t need to have the best qualification to earn more than $20 an hour on these platforms. Know your stuff and you are ready to go.

33. Sell your photographs

Are you good with a camera? Are your shots creative and useful? If yes, upload your photos for free on stock sites. To begin, try out platforms like iStockPhoto and Fotolia. You can earn money by listing relatively unpopular photo subjects that could soon get in demand. Remember to print out your photos to test the quality before uploading it.

34. Start your own website

A sure method of creating passive income is by creating your own website. Passive income means money on-the-go. Money keeps coming in whether you work or sleep.

With Bluehost, you can effortlessly and cheaply build a website under 20 minutes. To monetize your website, use social media to bring in your first visitors and watch your site grow into a large, round-the-clock business. Just remember to provide meaningful content on your site

35. Write and publish Kindle eBook

If you are fairly good at writing or research, publishing your own eBook on Amazon Kindle store may guarantee you everlasting passive income. Fortunately, apart from the Kindle device itself, the Kindle app is compatible will all smart devices, so your reach would be worldwide. You get a royalty of 70% for each sale if your book is listed from $2.99 to $9.99. Amazon is the greatest marketplace in the world right now—publishing your eBook on it is an excellent idea.

But to earn big bucks with your eBook, make sure your content is valuable; something people want to read about, preferably nonfiction. All you need is in-depth research on an everyday issue, e.g., “’secrets’ to landing a job” or “insider’s guide to getting a scholarship.” Present your meaningful findings into a format that is easy to read and you will attract paying readers in no time.

Content matters when designing an eBook, however, the book cover carries the first impression. A richly designed cover makes your eBook unique. Check out these covers on Fiverr. Remember that reviews help your eBook rank high in search results, so at the end of your book chapters, urge your readers to leave an honest review on the Amazon Kindle website.

36. Affiliate marketing

If you have a good social media presence or a website or blog, you can become an affiliate marketer and earn money. Affiliate marketing involves promoting all kinds of companies, services and online offers.

Start by signing up on the Awin network, review their offers blog or look through the merchant listings to see an item your friends and followers would find interesting. Get your affiliate link and share that item to them. If your friends or followers buy it through your link within a 90-day period, you are rewarded with a commission.

You can build your own website or a niche Facebook page and send your friends and followers invitations to join. There, you can freely post your affiliate offers.

37. The ‘Disney Vault’ secret

To maintain high demand for decades to come, Disney Studios have strategically restricted the home release of certain classics. These classics (live-action movies and cartoons) are safeguarded in a “vault” for up to a decade, then released for short unstipulated windows. So the smart business thing to do is to purchase them during these short windows at normal retail price. And when the window closes, you can start selling them and earning good profit for another ten years.

Take for instance, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast on Blu-ray 3D. In 2011, its retail price was $31.99. Some years later, because of its scarcity, its price on Amazon became an incredible $95.99.

Note that not every classic release from Disney is considered a real high-demand classic to be kept in the vault. Currently, The Lion King Diamond Edition Blu-ray and Bambi Diamond Edition Blu-ray are two titles fresh out of the vault. My advice: get your hands on them.

38. Market trading online

The time-old secrecy and complexity of the stock market have now been cleared. Thanks to the Internet, you can now trade currencies from the comfort of your bedroom without having to know a broker from Wall Street. With the array of platforms providing online marketing services now available, you can handle it yourself.

One of the largest trading platforms is a hub for millions of traders around the world, even offering free trial accounts for beginners.

As a big-time and reputable platform, eToro is equipped with a feature called CopyTrader. With CopyTrader, you can plainly view, copy and follow the investments of other traders who are performing well.

With a $200 starting capital, you can learn the inner workings of the platform by trying out several markets. Note that investment and trading come with a fair share of risk. Invest the money you are able to lose. And never use your past performance to predict your feature outcomes.

39. Create a Fiverr Gig

If you have a skill or service to sell, Fiverr is a global marketplace you should consider joining. By providing services referred to as “Gigs,” you can sell your skill on Fiverr and make good money from a starting price of $5 (Fiverr, get it?) to even $1000 with just one sale.

All you have to do is pick a niche: teaching, creating music, logo design, playing pranks, social media posting, virtual assistants, voiceovers and short video clips, writing and translating, and so much more.

A great Fiverr feature is that you can include extra services in your gig to earn more. You can also create custom offers and make thousands of dollars monthly. The key to Fiverr is speed, consistency and quality. Outsource your orders to other sellers and watch your profits climb.

40. Review music for money

If you are a music lover, monetize your passion by reviewing unsigned artists and bands on the Internet for money with Slicethepie. All you need to do is build a reputation on the website and you can make up to $50 monthly. Although it sounds small, it is literarily free money for enjoying music.  Signing up is free as well.

41. Claim tax back

If you are only working part-time or during specific periods, you might be overpaying your taxes. The reason is because employers place part time workers on an emergency basic tax code even when a majority of them can hardly attain a personal tax-free income allowance annually. Simply put: you could be paying more tax than they should. You should start claiming tax back. You can calculate your tax refund here.

42. Sell your notes

If you are a student with clean, up-to-date notes, sell it to other students on sites like Campus Shift, Course Hero and Stuvia by uploading them. It is common knowledge that students rush to find notes when preparing for tests and exams. When a student downloads your notes, you receive payments.  These notes must be uploaded in PDFs. While handwritten notes are acceptable, a typed one will attract more money. By the way, signing up tor Notesale or Stuvia is free, but these sites may charge a cut of your earnings.

43. Sell your second-hand course books

If you are a student, you can earn a nice profit buying textbooks from other students at the end of a session and selling them to fresh students at the beginning of the session. You can choose to advertise on campus or do a listing on Amazon Marketplace (Amazon takes a cut on each book sold).

44. Competitions

Although there is no guaranteed chance of winning, some people have mastered the art of generating annual incomes of tens of thousands of dollars by participation in all kinds of competitions.

Competition may range from simple Facebook quizzes to things as big as being a TV game show contestant. The key here is to keep looking for and applying for competitions. It does not hurt to try. But be mindful of the sites you visit—provide an alternative email address in case they try to spam you with offers.

45. Buy and sell domain names

A domain name is simply a website address (e.g., “” or “”). They usually come with extensions like .com,, .net, etc.). Registering a domain name could cost as little as $5 on sites like and But you may spend more than $1000 on a premium domain name. Back in 2007, the domain name was sold for a staggering $35 million.

Of course, you might never hit that kind of jackpot, but if you buy the right domain names you can earn a nice profit quickly. Just look for domain names with commercial value, buy them and list them for sale on sites like as

46. Be your own banker

“Peer-to-peer” lending has changed banking. It removes the middleman, then passes on cheaper loans to borrowers and higher interest rates to you. The process is simple—from the comfort of your home: you lend and receive interest on your lending.

Founded in 2009, the FCA-regulated RateSetter was the first to come up with the plan of reimbursing lenders on defaults or late payments through its “Provision Fund.” Because accounts are efficiently managed like a traditional savings account, RateSetter claims all their investors are protected.

Subject to how long you want to lend for, you can currently generate up to 5% fixed return on your investment. On the other hand, you can opt for their ISA account to make tax-free interest.

Unless you want a one- or five-year higher fixed interest rate (which comes with a respective withdrawal fee of 0.3% and 1.5%), RateSetter frees investors from withdrawal fees.

47. Be an Extra

If you think you have got good looks or acting chops, why not become the man or woman in the background of a movie shoot? If you have time to spare, apply to be an extra in film or TV. Depending on the project, you could earn more than $100 a day to do absolutely nothing. Several casting agencies recruit extras often. Know that they may take a commission from your earnings when you land the gig. Note their percentage before you engage with them.

48. Rent out your home for filming

TV and film directors are often looking for houses to shoot in. Your home can become a location. And the money is good. To begin, check out this website.

49. Become a life model

If you don’t mind going nude sometimes, life modeling pays a lot. Life modeling is about sitting (or standing) still while budding artists paint your features. Sites like RAM are created for these type of life modeling jobs. Note: never go beyond your comfort zone, no matter how good the money is.

50. Sell your stories and videos

Agencies and journalist are always on the hunt for the latest scoop. Let’s say you have an interesting story that will surely make the headlines, why not sell it for cash? You never know— the next Internet sensation could be you.

51. YouTube videos

YouTube videos have taken the world by storm. Every day millions of people flood the website to watch videos. And since the introduction of YouTube Partner Program, you can earn good money by making and uploading videos. Per every 1000 views of a video, you are paid a cut of the advertising revenue. It is no secret that YouTubers make a decent living out of their channels. You just have to work toward your success—create good content, grow your subscriber base and go viral.

52. Network marketing

Network marketing, aka Multi-level marketing (MLM), is a business model that generates income in two ways: you earn when you sell products and also when you recruit other people to become sellers. In this business model, you earn a cut from the people you have recruited when they sell.

53. Work as a charity collector

If you have the patience and character to take rejection several times, this job might be for you. You get people to sign up and you get a cut from your new sign-ups. Some examples of sites you can join to become a charity collector include Oxfam and Wesser.