7 Secret Online Surveys That Pay A Lot Of Money


Last Updated Jun 14, 2021

The best survey sites online for earning money

Online surveys that pay a lot of money

There are online surveys that pay a lot of money by survey taking standards.

Legitimate online surveys that pay good money.

Good paying survey sites.

Getting access to these high paying surveys ensures that you earn good money taking surveys for the time that you spend taking them.

A sure way to earn the most money taking surveys is to take surveys that pay the most money.

It can surely make taking surveys a very rewarding experience for you.

To get the chance of getting these great paying surveys you should sign up with survey sites that are known to offer high paying surveys…which are some of the best paid survey sites to earn money from.

I show you the best of them below:

1: Survey Junkie

Rack up earning fast from some of the most abundant, consistently great paying surveys on the internet and get your money in 24 hours when you cashout!

How much you earn:

Up to $50 per survey

$12-$18 per hour spent actually taking surveys if you focus on the higher paying surveys

Up $50 per month

Online surveys that pay a lot of money

Survey Junkie offers you the chance to earn up to $50 per survey. Although these high paying surveys that pay a lot of money don’t come very frequently, taking just the average good paying surveys at survey junkie can earn you rates of up to $12-$18 per hour actually spent taking surveys because the surveys at the site on average pay really well.

And you get a good number of these great paying surveys every day so that it is easy to rack up earning quite quickly at Survey junkie.

Why Survey Junkie pays so well is because you get an abundance of great paying surveys every day that are short in length so that if you just take the time to answer surveys you earn money very quickly.

If you are looking for surveys that pay a lot of money you should definitely start your search for these high paying surveys at survey junkie.

2: Prolific Academic

Earn $50-$100 a month by spending  a few minutes a day answering surveys that never pay less than $1 and are never more than 8 minutes long at UK’s number one paying Oxford University created survey site

How much you earn:  

Never less than $1 for surveys that are never more than 8 minutes long

 $6-$7 per hour

$10-$20 per week

 $40-$80 per month

Online surveys that pay good money

Prolific Academic easily offers you some of the most consistently best paying surveys on the internet. Their surveys never pay less than $1 and they are never more than 8 minutes long.

In fact most surveys at the site are 5 minutes long or less.

And you get a steady stream of these surveys making it easy to earn predictably well without working too hard.

And you are never disqualified from taking surveys at this site.

People who log in and answer surveys daily at the site earn roughly $50-$100 a month without struggling too much.

Enough money to help foot your monthly bills.

To earn well at Prolific Academic, constantly keep the tab open in your browser so that you can become aware as soon as surveys become available because survey taking spots fill up very fast given the high quality nature of surveys at the site.

3: prizerebel

Earn $100-$300 a month by spending 1 hour a day taking surveys that most consistently earn you at least $5 for every hour than probably any other surveys site on the internet.

The surest way to earn $5 per hour taking surveys on the internet.

How much you earn:

75 cents – $5 for a 5-30 minute survey

$5-$10 per hour

$100-$300 per month if you spend 1 hour a day taking surveys at the site.

Surveys that actually pay good money

The key strength of Prizerebel is an abundance of great paying surveys that you are hardly ever able to exhaust and so many ways to earn at least $5 per hour taking surveys.

Though the individual surveys at prizerebel don’t pay extraordinary amounts by themselves you still earn a lot of money at Prizerebel-probably more than for every other survey site- because the surveys are also never too long…mostly between 10-30 minutes and are very abundant…you get a lot of surveys so that how much you earn is really determined by how willing you are to stay at the site and take surveys.

People who spend at least one hour a day answering surveys at Prizerebel I can earn $100-$300 a month because you easily earn at least $5 for every hour that you spend taking surveys at the site because of the abundant nature of the surveys and how well they pay.

You can easily earn $25-$35 per week if you spend one hour a day taking surveys at Prizerebel.

Which should be your minimum goal.

Probably the simplest and most effective advice that anyone can give you for boosting your survey earnings is simply to spend one hour a day taking surveys at Prizerebel.

You earn even more if you also download free app as a way of earning extra money at the site.

4: Populus Live

Earn at least $1 for every 5 minute survey at UK’s second highest paying survey site.

How much you earn:

$1 for every 5 minute survey

 $12+ per hour

$75 every 1-3 months

Good paying survey sites

Populus live offers you great paying surveys that pay at least $1 per 5 minute survey so that you earn very well for the actual amount of time that you spend taking surveys at the site which is very little.

The only down side is that you may not get as many surveys as you would like but the surveys pay very well and are very interesting.

You should expect t earn $75 every 1-3 months if you take all the surveys that are sent to you.

That’s the average rate of earning at the site.

So the payout is actually very high.

You spend very little time to earn very well at Populus live.

5: Swagbucks

Earn $100+ per month for having an opinion, watching movie trailers, and getting things for free.

How much you earn :

25 cents to $4 per survey

$5-$10 per hour

$100+ per month if you use the “ triple strategy “

Bonus: $5-$10 sign up bonus

Online surveys that pay a lot of money2

Swagbucks has so far paid out almost half a billion dollars to it’s members.

This is proof if you need one that people make good money at the site.

The key to earning well at Swagbucks is to treat it as the Get Paid To site that it is and not merely as a survey site.

By themselves the surveys alone are not enough to earn big.

To earn well you need to combine the three different best paying activities at the site in a unique “ Swagbuck earning strategy “.

That’s the key to your success.

The three best paying activities at Swagbucks are…

1 Surveys

2 Videos

3 Offers

To earn well you should do the three of them every day in a very specific way as follows…

Start every day by watching your own quota of videos on semi autopilot using the Swagbucks TV extension and while the videos are running in the background use the same time to answer surveys and fill out offers.

This three part approach will ensure that you earn well at Swagbucks every month because it maximizes your time spent at the site and also helps you earn passively.

People who use this simple strategy earn very well at Swagbucks every month.

6: Quick Rewards

Earn $60 per month from the internet’s most abundant surveys that rarely pay less than $1

How much you earn:                   

Hardly less than $1 per survey

$10+ per hour

$60 per month

Online surveys that pay a lot of money

Quick rewards offers you a lot of good paying surveys every day-almost too many surveys. You are never able to exhaust them.

All you have to do is decide to take surveys and you can earn very well.

You are never short of survey taking opportunities and you don’t often earn less than $1 per survey.

People who take surveys regularly at the site easily earn $60 per month especially if you focus on the high paying surveys.

You easily earn higher than that if you are more aggressive with taking the surveys and check the site daily for survey taking opportunities.

It is really up to you how much you earn at Quick rewards.

The sky is the limit

7: Qmee:

Earn $70 per month for having an opinion and for by surfing the web like you normally do.

How much you earn:

Minimum of 50 cents per survey, 6-12 cents per search ad click

$5 per hour for the surveys, up to $50 per hour for search: you can earn up to $1 per minute of work from clicking Qmee search ads.

$40-$45 per month for surveys, $25-$30 per month for search

Good paying survey sites

Qmee pays you to take surveys, to search the internet like you normally do to take advantage of offers at the site.

As you search the internet the Qmee browser extension shows you ads that are related to your search and when you click on any of them you earn 6-12 cants.

It takes literally seconds to click on the ads and you earn 6-12 cents per click.

Consistent Qmee users earn $25-$30 per month from search and roughly $40-$45 from surveys so you can earn quite a lot each month using the Qmee apps.


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