Earn Big Taking Short Paid Surveys No longer Than 10 Minutes


Last Updated Jun 14, 2021

Take short surveys for money

Take short surveys for money

You get the best survey taking experience when the surveys you take are short…when you take short paid surveys.

You complete surveys sooner, you earn money faster and you suffer way less stress taking surveys.

Few things feel as satisfying to a survey taker as completing a survey and watching the reward roll in.

And the sooner that happens the better.

That’s what short paid surveys are all about.

That’s what you get when you take short surveys for money, when you take short surveys for cash.

Getting you feeling rewarded sooner rather than later.

And the good news is that there are survey sites that specialize in serving these kinds of surveys to their members: short surveys for money.

And as you can imagine these survey sites are the most loved by survey takers.

Survey takers at these sites are among the most satisfied with their survey taking experience that you’d ever find. They are some of the best paid survey sites to take surveys at.

1: Tellwut

Survey length: 30 seconds or 1 question long

Earning power:  12+ per hour of actual amount of time spent taking surveys at the site, earn a $25 gift card every 3-4 weeks from spending just minutes per day at the site

Extra perk: zero disqualification from taking the Tellwut in house surveys.

Take short surveys for money

Tellwut members are some of the most satisfied survey takers that you will ever find.

And it is not a surprise why…

Their surveys are the shortest in the industry.

The easiest and quickest to complete.

An in house Tellwut survey is just 30 seconds long.

Many are just a single question long.

It is really as breeze earning rewards from taking surveys at Tellwiut.

And your earnings can grow pretty quickly if you are a consistent survey taker who takes surveys at the site daily.

On average you get a quota of about 30 daily surveys that you can breezes through in minutes because they are so short.

When you add the fact that you are never disqualified from taking these short surveys you begin to see how Tellwut can be a really good earner for any consistent survey taker.

Let’s face it you earn well from many short surveys that always pay you even when the individual surveys don’t pay much by themselves rather than from long surveys that promise a large payout but which you never qualify to earn from because your earnings grow very quickly.

It is the advantage of speed over size.

And Tellwut offers you that.

Tellwut even allows it’s members to create their own surveys for other members to take and would reward them for it…surveys that are simple and could simply be about anything.

Now, tellwut also offers surveys to it’s members from it’s partners…surveys that are not created by Tellwut itself.

These surveys tend to be longer and you may not always qualify for them but you are not required to take them to earn.

If you want to have a really great time taking surveys you should definitely have Tellwut as one of your survey sites.

They are just awesome.

Expect to earn $25 every 3-4 weeks at Tellwut for only minutes of actual work in the entire 3-4 weeks if you are a consistent survey taker at Tellwut.

Which is really great return for any survey site not to talk of one that gives you the added satisfaction of making earning really a breeze.

2: Paid Viewpoint

Max survey length: 6 minutes, rarely ever more than 12 questions long

Earning power: $15 every 1-6 weeks, $12 per hour of actual time spent taking surveys

Extra perk: Zero disqualifications from taking surveys

Take short surveys for cash

Paid viewpoint is another highly enjoyable short survey site.

In fact many regard it as the best survey site in terms of the entire survey taking experience.

Surveys at paid viewpoint are never more than 6 minutes long and they pay well too and you are never disqualified from taking them.

You get a bunch of these surveys regularly too which makes earning at this site a total breeze.

If you are regular with taking surveys at this site you should earn $15 every 1-6 weeks easily because the surveys pay 10 cents – $4. That’s where most survey takers at the site fall.

People who are more consistent…like daily survey takers earn more than that…usually double.

But the entire survey taking experience is just wonderful because all of that earning is usually for just minutes of actual survey taking work at the site which gives you a very good per hour earning rate.

Every survey taker should have Paid viewpoint in their survey taking rolodex,

It is a great earner and a great sanity saver for survey takers.

3: Prolific Academic

Max survey length: 8 minutes

Earning power : $40-$80 per month, at least $1 for every 5-8 minute survey, $12+ per hour

Extra perk: Zero disqualifications from taking surveys at Prolific Academic

Take short paid surveys for money

If a survey site could be perfect that survey site will be Prolific Academic.

This Oxford University created survey site is just amazing.

1 The surveys never pay less than $1

2 The surveys are never more than 8 minutes long ( mostly 5 minutes long )

3 You are prequalified for every survey that is sent to you so that you never get disqualified

4 They have a low $5 cashout limit

5 They send your money within 24 hoiurs of cashing out.

I mean what else could you ask for in a survey site?

The only criticism maybe is that the survey spots fill up too fast but you will expect that for a survey site this hot.

Maybe they should offer more surveys.

But this is one survey site that you want to have literally on speed dial.

You should have it perpetually open in your browser so you can jump in as soon as you get survey notifications because if you blink or wait a second they are gone.

People literally “ lie in wait “ for these surveys.

You must find a way of keeping tabs for when you get surveys so you can swoop in and cash in because in just 5 minutes you are sure to be making money.

4: Populus Live

Survey length: 5 minutes

Earning power: at least 1 pound per 5 minute survey, at least 12 pounds per hour

50 pounds ( $75 ) every 1-3 months

Extra perk: few if any disqualifications

Take quick surveys for money

Another jewel from the UK like prolific Academic above, populous live promises to pay you 1 pound for every 5 minute survey and they deliver.

And they never disqualify you from taking these surveys.

If there is any criticism it is that you may not get a trailer load of surveys.

But you get quality, not quantity and when you take a survey you almost always get paid…and well too.

If you take advantage of all the survey invitations that you get at this site you should earn roughly 50 pounds ( $75 ) every 1-3v months.

That’s the kind of return that serious survey takers get at this site.


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