The 5 Top High Paying Survey Sites To Earn $500+ This Month Taking Surveys


Last Updated Jun 14, 2021

top high paying survey sites

These are the survey big hitters: good paying survey sites, the top high paying survey sites. The best paid survey sites

Survey sites where you take the best surveys to get paid good money, where you earn the best online survey rewards…frankly the best survey earning sites.

If you want to earn really big taking surveys you must have these survey sites in your arsenal.

They are the only survey sites where you can consistently earn $100 a month from every month on the internet.

There are good reasons why these survey sites pay so well.

1. They have a good consistent supply of great paying surveys

2. They have a low disqualification rate.

3. The surveys don’t take forever to complete

This then means that you earn well for literally almost every survey you take at these sites, and you earn fast

There are not many survey sites that have these three qualities.

When you find them in a survey site you are always guaranteed big earnings.

You have essentially hit the jackpot.

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The 5 Survey Sites Where You Can Consistently Earn $100 Or More A Month Each Taking Surveys On The Internet

1: prizerebel

Good paying survey sites

Prizerebel is the best survey site for earning really big money online.

It is the survey site where you will likely earn the most money of all the survey sites on the internet.

They offer you a lot of surveys

A lot of great paying surveys every day for you to earn from.

And they rarely disqualify you from earning from surveys.

Their biggest strength is the abundance of great paying surveys that they offer you.

More than most people can completely use up in a day so that how much you earn is just determined by you being willing to take surveys.

Prizerebel surveys pay 75 cents to $5 on average and you get a lot of these surveys every day making it really easy to earn if you just take the time to answer surveys

Want to earn more?

Just spend more time taking surveys.

There are always surveys to take and earn from.

Most people earn $5 for every 30 minutes to 1 hour that they spend taking surveys at Prizerebel and because you always have surveys to earn from you can simply block out one hour every day to take surveys at the site to earn at least $5 which quickly adds up to $35 every week in earnings if you spend 1 hour every day taking surveys at the site.

Especially when you prioritize the fair to great paying surveys at the site.

One of the best decisions that you will take as a survey taker is simply to sign up at Prizerebel and spend one hour every day at the site taking surveys.

Doing that will make a big difference to how much you earn every month taking surveys.

2: Quick rewards:

best online survey rewards

Quick rewards can earn you good money for taking surveys, but like with Prizerebel you have to knuckle down and take surveys to earn big.

That’s really the only requirement for earning big at Quick rewards.

Because there are always surveys to earn from.

Surveys never run out at Quick Rewards!

At Quick rewards you will likely get more survey earning opportunities than for any other survey site on the internet.

That is their major advantage.

An inexhaustible amount of surveys that they send you.

Also they rarely disqualify you from earning from surveys.

In the rare event that you finish taking a survey and don’t get paid, just send them a mail and they will reward you in full.

And Quick Rewards have no minimum cashout limit.

You can withdraw 1 cent into your paypal if you like and they will pay you…usually within 24 hours.

So yes, Quick Rewards is a big earning survey site that you should definitely consistently take surveys at.

3: Prolific Academic

Good paying survey sites2

Prolific Academic …the crown jewel of UK/international survey sites is a big earner for many survey takers.

It is a “ prolific earner “ for most survey takers.

The reason is simple.

It is one of the fairest paying survey sites on the internet.

You never earn less than $1 for any survey at prolific Academic and the surveys are never longer than 8 minutes.

And you are never disqualified from taking surveys coupled with the fact that you get a steady stream of these surveys for you to earn from.

It is easy to earn $10-$20 every week at prolific Academic.

The simple trick to earning really well at Prolific academic is to keep a tab open for Prolific Academic in your browser so that you can become aware as soon as surveys are available so you can take part…you get a small red dot on the tab when surveys become available like the one you get when you have a message on a chatbot.

This is necessary because surveys are like hot cakes at this sites because they are short, pay well and always pay.

They go fast.

Spots fill up in as little as 20 minutes because people scramble to take part in these surveys.

That’s how hot this site is for taking surveys.

If you keep a tab on surveys at this site…quite literally now, and participate in surveys frequently you will earn a lot of money taking surveys.

It is another site where you can earn $100 or more every month-month after month, year in year out if you really push yourself to take surveys.

4: Swagbucks:

Best surveys to get paid

Swagbucks has been a big earner for survey takers for years.

It has not paid out almost half a billion dollars to it’s members for nothing.

If you know your way around Swagbucks you can earn big.

The key is to do the right things at the site consistently…to participate in the right earning activities.

First start by making sure that you fill out your profile correctly…completely.

Don’t skip this step… it will cost you if you do and doom you to struggling to earn well from the site going forward.

Swagbucks needs to know a bit about you to help you earn.

Filling out your profile completely will give you access to the best paying, best conveting ‘ Gold “ surveys-Swagbuck’s best surveys.

After you have done that follow the specific high earning strategy for earning well at Swagbucks below…

Every day watch videos using the Swagbucks TV extension.

You will be able to do so on semi-autopilot.

Try to exhaust your quota of videos every day if you can.

Next as your phone plays the videos, use the same time to fill out some offers and answer some surveys.

Do this as much as you can daily and you will boost your earnings at Swagbucks significantly.

Watching the videos alone can earn you up to $90 a month all by itself if you play the videos the way that I describe above and do so consistently.

Adding the other activities will help you earn even more.

5: InboxDollars:

Best survey earning sites

InboxDollars can be great for eaning money but like Swagbucks how much you earn comes down to strategy.

The actual money earning activities that you engage in.

You should not focus on surveys alone to earn money at InboxDollars, if you do you may not earn as much as you would like.

Instead also engage in other activities like the one stated below:

1 Every day try to watch videos for at least 20 minutes, watch for up to one hour if you can, you could earn $50+ per month doing that.

2 Every day seek out and fill out the 100% free offers as many of them as possible until you have exhausted them all over time…you could earn $5 per hour doing that.

3 Every day click on as many of the paid emails as possible. It takes only a second or two and they always pay you which means that you can grow your earnings very quickly doing that.

4 Then if you can, spend 30 minutes to one hour taking surveys

When you do these things you can earn big at InboxDollars. The surveys may be the least reliable way to earn money at InboxDollars because you don’t qualify for all of them.

Watching the videos alone for 20 minutes a day can earn you up to $50 per month because the videos pay well and never fail to pay you.

You are never “ screened out “ of watching videos.

So you have the potential to earn really good money if you consistently watch them.

You are never disqualified from earning from the videos, from the free offers and from the paid emails…you always get paid when you do these things but you can be disqualified from earning from the surveys .

The key to earning well at InboxDollars is to prioritize the activities that always reliably pay you for doing them and to participate in the unreliable ones less.

That way you grow your earnings fast.

InboxDollars pays well when you approach it as a Get-paid-To site and not just as a Survey site.


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