5 Top Paid Survey Sites To Earn Money Online


Last Updated Jun 14, 2021

5 Top Paid Survey Sites To Earn Money Online

5 Top Paid Survey Sites To Earn Money Online

Below are some of the best paid survey sites for earning money.

Some of the top paid survey sites to earn money online

If you’re just starting to take online surveys and you want legitimate options that will actually pay you, then this is the perfect starting point.

Check out the options below and join these survey panels to get you started. Want to start earning good money fast taking surveys? check out the 8 legitimate survey sites that pay the most money.

Each of these panels are free, they have a positive reputation, and we have paid close attention to user experience, customer service, rewards, interface, and other aspects that are essential to a good experience in order to make our choices for this list.

Without further ado, here are 5 top online paid survey sites you can earn money from: They are among the best paid survey sites for earning money

1: PaidViewpoint: Earn Money From Surveys That Are Never More That 5 Minutes Long

Top online paid survey sites

PaidViewPoint is one of the well-known survey sites out there!

Reasons to like them: They offer short paid surveys that are rarely more than 5 minutes long and they never disqualify you from surveys. Their customer service is incredible, they have an attractive web design, and they’re international.

What’s the survey-taking experience like: It might take a while longer for users who live abroad to reach the $15 minimum, but when they do, they won’t experience problems requesting their rewards. PaidViewPoint offers interactive surveys on the daily that users will find interesting. Users have to login to their accounts on a regular basis because survey opportunities are not emailed. FYI: If you modify your phone number after you’ve already registered, you will have to wait 180 days to claim rewards, otherwise you’ll be able to forfeit them and get paid on subsequent earnings. However, their customer service is amazing and they get top marks even with their drawbacks.

Rewards: Cash payments via PayPal, Amazon and Walmart gift cards.

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2: Tellwut: Earn Money From paid Surveys Rarely More Than 30 Seconds Or One Question Long

Top online paid survey sites

With over 100,000 users, Tellwut has earned its outstanding reputation!

Reasons to like them: They offer you short surveys for money. In fact they offer the shortest surveys in the industry. Some of their surveys are literally one question long. They offer giveaways and they prioritize member satisfaction.

What’s the survey-taking experience like: Tellwut offers short and entertaining surveys on any topic under the sun, but it also offers long, external surveys that offer more value. Some members believe that it takes too long to save the $10 minimum. However, if you don’t have a problem with doing other things besides surveys, such as creating polls, entering giveaways, etc., you’ll earn your rewards a lot more quickly. As for customer service, if you ever have any doubts or questions, they will answer personally within 48 hours.

Rewards: Merchandise and gift cards.

3: YouGov: Interesting Current Affairs Surveys That Pay Well

Top online paid survey sites2

YouGov is one of the strong, high-quality survey sites out there!

Reasons to like them: We appreciate their transparency when it comes to points and rewards.

What’s the survey-taking experience like: Even though the $50 minimum to cashout (which varies according to your location) will seem steep, most members don’t have any issues redeeming their rewards. YouGov offers high-quality surveys that tend to focus on political subjects and issues. Disqualification is rare, and if you like consuming media and the news, then you’ll enjoy this site as there is plenty to read. If you’re familiar with YouGov, then you’ve probably seen their studies quoted in the media, and their online survey panel is part of how they collect opinions. That means that you can be a part of that!

Rewards: PayPal payments (in selected regions), prepaid Visa cards, and gift cards.

4: Pinecone Research: A Paid Survey Site Where Surveys Always pay $3

Top online paid survey sites3

Pinecone Research is one of my favorites!

Reasons to like them: They’re fair, reliable, and have an overall good reputation.

What’s the survey-taking experience like: You can complete surveys on your computer or your phone, and they offer the standard payment of $3.00 US / $3.00 CAD / £3. The majority of the surveys only last 15 minutes and disqualification is rare. If you are able to join this panel, your survey experience will be very positive. Just remember: Whenever you are invited to a survey, you have to do it right away! Otherwise it might close before you get to it. We’ve found that a few members have had their accounts eliminated seemly because they are refreshing and upgrading their panel and getting rid of old accounts, which is something that veteran members find frustrating. They offer several options for rewards and the fact that this panel is so reliable and constant makes it one of the best choices.

Rewards: PayPal payments, gift cards, and more.

5: Branded Surveys: A Large Amount Of Fun, Interesting Surveys That Pay Great Rewards

Top online paid survey sites2

Why we like Branded Surveys:

Branded surveys has a great amount of surveys, great rewards, a great loyalty system and frequent prizes.

What it’s like taking surveys for them:

Branded surveys offers a it’s members a large amount of fun, interesting, and enjoyable surveys on an extensive amount of topics on an easy, intuitive platform that is very easy to navigate.

Customer service is also of very high quality and address any query you may have promptly.

Enjoy the following benefits at Branded surveys

  • Take a variety of enjoyable surveys and earn cash…get your money through PayPal, bank transfer or a gift card.
  • Branded Elite  Take at least 12 surveys per week to qualify for the Branded elite loyalty program and start getting up  to a 20% bonus on the surveys you complete.
  • Get entered into a prize draw every time you take a survey. Get entered into a prize draw and get a chance to win free points every day, every week and every month. The more surveys you take the more chances you get to win.
  • Cash out and get your earnings within a few days – Quicker than for most other survey sites.

Rewards offered by Branded Surveys:

Payments through PayPal, bank transfers through Branded Pay (USA only), pre-paid virtual credit cards, a large and assorted selection of gift cards to retailers like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, etc.


USA, UK, Canada residents only.


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