5 Online Survey Sites That Pay Real Money


Last Updated Jun 14, 2021

Online survey sites that pay

Online survey sites that pay

Are you a bit disappointed about the rather tight budget that makes you skip the things you would like to have and do? Well, you probably considered looking to ways to earn some money on the side, but that’s easier said than done.

Who would want to go to a second job once their working hours are over? While there are some people that do this, you should know that there are easier ways to earn money. One of these ways is represented by legitimate paid online survey sites where you actually fill out online surveys that pay money…by the best paid survey sites where you can earn money.

If you subscribe to these websites, you can start making money with minimum effort. Would like to know more? Then do take a look at the 5 online survey sites that pay real money below and how they will help you make some extra income. By the way if you want to earn top dollar taking surveys get online surveys that pay a lot of money.

1: Paid Viewpoint

Legitimate online paid surveys

If you take the online and mobile surveys provided by PaidViewpoint, you can easily earn cash, paid through PayPal, and gift cards for purchases on Amazon and Walmart.

You will receive e-mails when most important surveys are available, but you can also visit the website and take smaller surveys to earn small amounts on the side. After all, little by little goes a long way. One survey rarely takes longer than 5 to 10 minutes, so it is really a fast and easy way to earn some cash.

Get paid fast cash from surveys today, get 20 online surveys that pay instantly.

2: MySoapBox

Legitimate paid online surveys

If you choose to join this survey site, you will be able to gain both rewards and money as well. For every 1,000 points, you accumulate on the site, you will get $1.

Once you managed to gather $25, at least, you can make a request for a gift card. Although it may seem much to gather 25,000 points, it is not hard at all. You’ll manage to earn 2,000 points (or $2), by simply signing up. Also, among the rewards, there are gift cards to some of the most appreciated brands and online marketplaces, so it is definitely a site that is worth checking out.

3: National Consumer Panel

legitimate online paid surveys3

While this is not necessarily a way to earn money, the rewards offered by using the National Consumer Panel are hard to ignore. You can earn gift cards for Amazon and iTunes, prepaid Visa cards, various products, and so on.

All you need to do is to have it installed on your mobile device, scan all the products you purchase with the help of the app and participate in periodic surveys. The more active you are, the higher are the chances to get your hands on those rewards sooner.

4: Epoll Surveys

Legitimate online paid surveys

This is a traditional legitimate paid survey website, where you can join, take various surveys in which you will express your opinion, and earn money for your willingness to spend your time this way.

The only condition you’ll have to meet in order to be eligible for subscription is to actually be a resident of the USA. Once you subscribed, via e-mail authentication, you will be ready to take your first survey. You will also receive e-mails each time a survey becomes available so you can take it right away.

Epoll is great for earning money from surveys.

5: YouGov

Legitimate online paid surveys2

YouGov is one of the strong, high-quality top survey sites out there!

Even though the $50 minimum to cashout (which varies according to your location) will seem steep, most members don’t have any issues redeeming their rewards. YouGov offers high-quality surveys that tend to focus on political subjects and issues.

Disqualification is rare, and if you like consuming media and the news, then you’ll enjoy this site as there is plenty to read. If you’re familiar with YouGov, then you’ve probably seen their studies quoted in the media, and their online survey panel is part of how they collect opinions. That means that you can be a part of that!



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