Take Part In Surveys For Money To Earn $1,000 A Month


Last Updated Jun 14, 2021

the best paid survey sites online for money

Take part in surveys for money

Do you want to take part in surveys for money?

Here you will find the best sites to take surveys that actually pay you…sites to fill out surveys for money, the best paid survey sites where you are allowed to essentially give your opinion for money.

At these sites your opinion counts…literally in dollars.

To get money through surveys simply sign up to these sites and start taking surveys

These survey sites have great reputations, are known to be legitimate and pay well.

So sign up to all of them and test them out.

Take surveys at the sites frequently and you will earn good money because they are among the best paying survey sites there are.

1: PrizeRebel: Earn $5-$10 in One Hour After You Sign Up And Get The Money In Your Paypal Today By Taking Abundant Great Paying Surveys That Never Run out

At prizerebel you can earn $5-$10 in your paypal account every day if you are willing to spend 1 hour a day answering some of the most abundant great paying surveys of any survey site on the internet.

Take part in surveys for money

You can earn money in your paypal the same day you sign up and every day thereafter for as long as you remain a member from surveys that pay the most money for your time on the internet.

Prizerebel has a low cash out limit of $5 which you can easily reach every day if you spend 30 minutes to one hour every day at the site given the abundance of great paying surveys at the site.

And you get your money the same day you cash out…sent directly into your paypal account.


2: TellWut: Earn $10 In Your First Week Filling Out The Shortest Surveys In The Industry

At Tellwut you can earn $10 in your first week from surveys that are less than 30 seconds long.

fill out surveys for money

Tellwut offers you a fresh batch of some of the shortest surveys on the internet every day to earn from.

Being consistent at the site and just spending a few minutes a day taking surveys earns you good money monthly for very little actual time spent taking surveys.


3: Paidviewpoint: Earn Well By Answering The Second Shortest Surveys In The Industry

At Paidviewpoint you earn a predictable income answering surveys that are never more than 6 minutes long and that you are never disqualified from taking.

Take part in surveys for money

This makes earning at the site a breeze because you spend very little time taking surveys and you get paid for every survey that you take…a rarity in the survey taking world.


4: Prolific Academic: Earn Well Filling Out Surveys That Go Like Hot Cakes

At Prolific Academic you earn up to $20 a week from surveys that never pay less than $1, are never more than 8 minutes long and that you are never disqualified from taking.

Fill out surveys for money

It is one of the best sites on earth for earning money from surveys because you earn well from every survey you take. Prolific Academic is also available internationally in 20 countries and therefore gives a lot of different people a chance to earn.

5: Quick Rewards: Earn Money In Your Paypal Today By Giving Your Opinion For The Most Abundant Great Paying Surveys In The Industry

At Quick rewards you can earn money in your paypal account the first day you sign up and every day thereafter from an inexhaustible amount of consistently high paying surveys, for as long as you remain a member.

Give my opinion for money

In many respects Quick Rewards is like prizerebel in the way it allows you earn quickly from an abundance of great paying surveys and to cash out quickly because of a low cash out requirement which is just 1 cent at Quick rewards by the way, and to get your money the same day because they also send your money the same day to your Paypal account.

6: Survey Junkie: Earn Fast Answering Some Of The Most Consistently High Paying Surveys In The Industry

At Survey Junkie you earn you earn some of the highest returns from some of the highest paying surveys on the internet.

Give your opinion for money

Survey Junkie makes it very easy to earn money from surveys because the surveys are many and because they pay well…some of the highest rates in the industry.

Survey Junkie also lets you know if you qualify for a survey at the start so that you only take surveys that will pay you and maximize the return on the time you spend taking surveys.

As with any high survey availability site…like Prizerebel and Quick rewards, just focusing on taking the highest paying surveys or the surveys that pay the best for your time can earn you quite a lot of money in survey taking terms.


7: YouGov: Take Fun Current Affairs Surveys That Pay Well

Earn a predictable side income from  internet’s most exciting surveys that are rarely more than 20 minutes long.

Get money through surveys

Yougov offers you interesting currenjt affairs related surveys that pay well.

It is not a boring site to take survey at at all because most of the survey topics are related to current happenings that you are aware of. This makes taking surveys at the site a lot of fun.

And you get a steady flow of surveys to take at what I like to call the steady eddy of survey sites.

At Yougov you don’t earn too much, you don’t earn too little, you just earn right.


8: Leger opinions ( great for Canadians ): Fill out Surveys And Earn Well As A Canadian

Earn a lot of money taking surveys that pay well and rarely disqualify you especially if you are from Canada.

Get money through surveys today

Leger Opinions pay Canadians well more than other nationalities because they get more surveys.

It is more targeted towards Canadians.

And you earn very well…$1 for every 5-10 minute survey…which comes down to $1-$3 per survey.

If you are a consistent survey taker at the site you earn around $20 every 2-4 weeks.


9: PointClub: Earn A Lot Of Money For Being Consistent With Taking Surveys

Get paid to just log in, and double for every survey if you remain faithful for 100 days.

Get money through surveys

Pointclub rewards you greatly for taking surveys consistently at the site. They offer you a great number of surveys to earn from and rarely disqualify you from surveys. In the rare event that they do they still reward you so you don’t feel cheated.

Pointclub increases how much you earn per survey by 10% for every 5 consecutive days that you log in at the site and take at least 1 survey so that if you do that consistently for 100 days how much you earn by taking surveys at the site essentially doubles.


10: Qmee: Answer Surveys, Surf The Web And Earn Big

Let surfing the web pay for your internet

Take survey and earn a reward

Qmee pays you well if you take both the surveys and install the extension in your browser so that you also earn for just surfing the internet.

The surveys pay well.

It takes just 2 seconds to earn from surfing the web which is the time that it takes to click on the ads that they show you to earn immediately.

Using both features earns the average user roughly $70 per month more than enough to pay for your internet every month.


11: Viewpoint forum: Answer Few Surveys And Earn Well

Earn $10 every month from answering 2 surveys every month

Give your opinion to earn money right now

Viewpoint forum would not flood your inbox with surveys but the surveys do pay very well…$3-$6 for a 10-15 minute survey.

You get those as a member on average 1-2 times a month which may not look like much but that’s a guaranteed $100 a year for roughly 30 minutes a month of work which is really nothing to sneeze at.


12: National consumer panel: Earn Money By Buying products You Love

Get paid to buy your favorite brands/buy and enjoy

Take survey and earn a reward

National consumer panel rewards you to buy the brands that you love. You just need to scan the barcodes of the items and provide relevant information on the non barcoded items to earn. Simply making those a habit will ensure that you effectively afford the items that you regularly use at much more affordable rates…at fractions of their real cost because you essentially get some of the cost back as rewards when you buy them.

13: Pinecone Research: Earn Money By Taking Surveys That Always pay $3

Earn $3 for every survey you take, every time you take it

Take survey and earn a reward

Just like with Viewpoint Forum above Pinecone research will not offer you a deluge of surveys but the surveys always pay you $3 for 10-15 minutes work and never disqualify you. Expect to earn $20 per month at this site if you respond to all the surveys you get every month.


14: MySoapBox: Earn well From Surveys That Pay Well For The Time That You Spend Taking Them

Earn a great income by only answering surveys that you qualify for.

Take part in surveys for money

MySoapBox is like Survey Junkie in that there you know right at the start if you qualify for a survey or not so that you only spend time on surveys that you will actually earn from. And you get a good number of surveys at the site essentially guaranteeing that you will earn well. MySoapBox surveys pay $1-$2 for 15 to 20 minutes of work which are really very good rates for earning from surveys.

15: Swagbucks: Earn Big By Filling Out Surveys, Watching videos And Taking Free Offers

Do short tasks you already do for free to earn big money

Fill out surveys for money

Swagbucks pays really well if you don’t stick to just the surveys. Watching videos for instance pays very well at Swagbucks and is a task you can complete on semi autopilot because you can create a playlist and let it play in the back ground on your phone while you do other things…only needing to click the next button when it’s time to play a new video. You don’t need to stay there and actually watch the videos.

The free trial offers also pay very well…even more than the surveys and videos and making it a habit to sign up for those every day will earn you some serious money in survey taking terms.

Watching your quota of videos every day at Swagbucks can easily earn you $100 a month all by itself.

Swagbucks is a great site for earning extra money.

16: InboxDollars: Give Your Opinion For Money, Watch videos And Sign Up For Free offers To Earn Even More

Earn a good income doing short tasks you already do every day for fun

Get money through surveys right now

Like Swagbucks, Inboxdollars pays you a lot of money if you don’t just stick to the surveys. It offers you a variety of other ways to earn good extra money.

In addition to taking the surveys make sure to also sign up for the 100% free trial offers as those pay very well. Doing those daily can earn you $5 a day just by themselves.

Also make sure to watch the videos for at least 20 minutes a day. Doing that guarantees that you earn $50 a month

17: Opinion Outpost: Earn Up To $15 A Day Answering Surveys

Earn $15+ per day by answering 10 surveys per day

Take part in surveys for money today

At Opinion Outpost a unique approach can help you earn a lot of money:

Simply target taking 10 surveys in 24 hours that pay 15 points ( $1.5 ) or more.

At opinion Outpost you are allowed to take 5 surveys every 12 hours. To earn well simply answer only surveys that pay at least 15 points.

When you click on the “take a survey tab” if the survey that shows up pays less than 15 points , click into the survey and then click out of it and again click on the “take a survey tab”.

Keep doing that until you get a survey that pays 15 point or more, then go ahead and complete it and then continue to repeat the process until you have reached your quota for the day.

This approach will help you earn very at Opinion Outpost.


18: MyPoints: Earn Money Shopping, Watching Videos, Taking Free Offers And Answering Surveys

Get a free $10 gift card and up to 10% cash back today by doing $10 worth of your shopping through their cash back program for  an item you would buy anyway

Give my opinion for money today

Get a $10 bonus when you earn your first $20 and earn $8-$10 an hour the rest of the time.

Mypoints offers a cash back program where you get up to 10% back when you shop at your favorite stores.

When you make a purchase of at least $10 through this cash back program within your first 30 days of joining you get a free $10 gift card in addition to up to a 10% cash back on the item that you bought.

Subsequently you get up to a 10% cash back every time you shop through the site.

Mypoints also rewards you well to sign up to great paying trial offers just like you get with a site like Swagbucks.

Mypoints also pays you to watch videos, play games and answer surveys.

To earn well from their surveys answer the best paying ones.

At Mypoints you also get a $10 bonus after you have earned your first $20.

You also earn money for referring people who join the site based on your referral.

You get a reward when they join and also when they earn their first $20.

Mypoints offers you a lot of great ways to earn money.

To earn well you should adopt the same approach that pays well at Swagbucks…ie…Watch videos, sign up for trial offers, take surveys and shop.

If you do these you can earn a bucket load at Mypoints in survey earning terms.


19: Vindale Research: Earn Up To $75 Giving Your Opinion For Money

Earn up to $75 per survey and $10-$12 an hour the rest of the time

fill out surveys to earn money right now

Vindale research offers you a variety of high and low paying surveys and you are allowed to take at least 3 surveys per day guaranteeing that you can earn well especially if you target the surveys that pay the best for your time.

Vindale research offers you a $2 sign up bonus and on occasion you get a surrey that pays up to $75.

On average you earn $10-$12 per hour if you spend the time to take surveys at the site and if you refer someone and they join, you earn $5 each time.



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